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Provence wedding photographer in and around Provence, South of France

par Gerhardt

Provence wedding photographer in and around Provence, South of France

I am a French provence wedding photographer in Bouches-du-Rhone and in and around PACA region and as you guessed I can speak english. I also do engagement sessions and After Day shooting sessions.

My top priority is to deliver quality images and to bring complete satisfaction to people who trust me.

That’s why you will assign a photographer to cover such an important event as your wedding day. You will have beautiful pictures that will remember you those magical moments you’ve experienced but also other moments you did not attend during the day that you will discover or discover again afterwards.

Capturing true moments is a topic dear to my heart. I want to be unobstrusive so that I can take pictures of strong emotional   short moments and get natural pics.

You may browse the wedding photo gallery where you will see photos captured during the wedding of other couples who decided to hire me and to trust me to be the french wedding photographer of their wedding.

Engagement sessions

I also do engagement shooting sessions. This kind of shooting session is made before the wedding day. It allows you to have beautiful memories just a little before the d day. You will also be more at ease with being photographed.

I have a french blog but as pictures do not need words, you may browse the posts to see more pics if you want to.

Feel free to contact me in in the language of Shakespeare should you need any information. I would be delighted to reply to your question or send a custom quotation to you.

I covered several wedding so my experiment will allow me to find the best moment and the best way to capture an important moment that you don’t want to miss. By the way show the potential of a short time frame scene.

All photos are reworked afterwards. This is probably one of the most important aspect of my activity as I am focused on delivering the most beautiful and emotional pictures that suits you most.

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